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Are you suffering from Neuropathy Symptoms?

We have answers!

What is Peripheral Neuropathy? According to WebMD Peripheral Neuropathy refers to the conditions that result when nerves that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord from and to the rest of the body are damaged or diseased.  This often results in symptoms like pain, numbness and tingling. 

What causes Peripheral Neuropathy (PN)?  There are hundreds of conditions that cause PN.  On of the more common conditions is Diabetes. Other causes include the following:

  • Poor Nutrition and Vitamin Deficiency
  • Genetic or inherited conditions
  • Certain Cancers and Chemotherapy used to treat them.
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Kidney and Thyroid Conditions
  • Infections like Lyme Disease. Shingles

What are the treatment options for PN? Unfortunately most doctors only offer the traditional treatment of pain medications like Lyrica or Gabapentin.  In some instances physical therapy or surgery are offered.  Many of these therapies are unfortunately not very effective.   We offer some very effective natural treatments for PN that have proven very successful in 100s of clinics around the country.   We offer a free seminar that details this condition and these treatments. Call us now for the next available seminar date and time.

Can Peripheral Nerve Damage Heal?  YES!  It's well established in scientific literature that nerves can and do heal.  The key is to find and correct the underlying cause of the nerve damage and create an optimal environment within the body for the nerves to heal.  

A plant needs oxygen, nutrients, sunlight and water to thrive, however if you deprive the plant of one or multiple of these the plant will become sick and eventually die.  Nerves are very similar.  They need proper blood flow to get the oxygen, nutrients, etc. Nerves begin to die without this.  

Our treatment programs include a wholistic approach to your health.  (I know wholistic is normally spelled different, however I believe this is a more accurate spelling because it's more of a WHOLE Person approach)

  • Optimize your genetic biochemistry
  • Increase blood supply to your nerves
  • Stimulate the nerves
  • Decrease chemical and brain based pain
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Balance blood sugar

These are some of the goals of our unique program.  Each program is customized to your unique circumstances and biochemistry.  

Will it work for you?

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